Smart City & Smart Ports

As the terminology “Smart city”, “Smart port” is quite new, it has been an active debate about defining what elements attribute to a city or port making it smart. According to OECD definition of 2018, smart cities are “initiatives or approaches that effectively leverage digitalization to boost citizen well-being and deliver more efficient, sustainable and inclusive urban services and environments as part of a collaborative, multi-stakeholder process”.

Big Data & Analytics

While smart city/smart ports can benefit from big data solutions enormously, it is important to note that smart cities require to implement cybersecurity and data protection measures to ensure data security We provide both data analytics and data protection services while we design smart city projects.

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IoT solutions

Implementing Iot solutions for smart cities is very beneficial for many reasons. For example, when it comes to smart lighting and energy saving, smart streetlights can be equipped with sensors that adjust the brightness and thus reduce the light pollution.
Also, Iot solutions improve mobility and traffic. For instance, traffic lights are equipped with sensors that collect real-time data on congestion and able to regulate traffic lights more dynamically. Same goes for waste management, when iot-enabled waste bins are full, they can be picked up faster or opposite therefore optimizing waste collection routes and reducing unnecessary pick-ups.


Blockchain solutions have big role while designing smart city projects. Blockchain can be used for authenticating digital identities allowing citizens easily access public facilities. It can streamline digital payments and transactions, it can track waste disposal and recycling processes, ensuring its proper management. In overall blockchain solutions, provide efficient access to e-services for citizens and are very beneficial.

Data Processing & 
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Data Management

Data Processing & 
Data Management

Smart cities generate a lot of data due to the smart solutions they have implemented such as Iot, blockchain etc. The gathered data needs to be processed accordingly. Extracted insights can benefit policymakers enormously. We use data processing/data management solutions for predictive analytics and continuous improvement of all the services that we provide while designing smart city/smart port projects and creating smart governance.