Big Data

In the world surrounded by constant flow of information, rapid changes, trial and errors, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting is essential. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second there is new information, information that can alter the sequence of reality.

Any project big or small requires knowledge and specific information that we at Berexia carefully collect, interpret, and apply for the best of the project execution. We use advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to faster the process and extract valuable insights.

Data strategy roadmap

(France, UK, US)

Berexia has produced the long-term digital roadmap for multinational companies. We have analyzed the current trend, technologies and integrating the client vision to produce a concrete 3 years digital plan with more than 150M€ investment.

Data strategy roadmap-berexia
berexia-Data strategy roadmap

Data analyitcs solution

Berexia collaborated with a major insurance company to create a transformative big data analytics solution. This system collects data from various sources to enhance risk assessment, underwriting, and customer experiences. It included predictive risk assessment algorithm, as well as an automated claims processing and fraud detection through natural language processing. The outcome is that this solution improved decision-making time by 45% and establishing the insurance company as a digital leader in the industry.

Data analyitcs solution-berexia
berexia-Data analyitcs solution
Big data-berexia