E-solutions is a broad term used to define all the solutions provided by internet, use of technology, software applications, digital technology etc. The aim of E-solutions, whether its e-government, e-banking or e-commerce is to streamline the processes, improve the operation and provide those services online making it easier for citizens, customers to access it and benefit from it. E-services boost financial inclusion and make it possible for all citizens to benefit from financial services.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing process of integrating technologies into business processes that enable organizations to function faster, more efficient, with more data protection and security and allow them to scale up the business. Digital transformation does not happen overnight, it is a process that requires the right strategy and technical infrastructure to be integrated into organizational operations. Digital transformation is an essential part of innovation and shaping up the customer

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Cybersecurity is fundamental for any organization due to the amount of sensitive data and private information held. While everything is happening digitally, cybersecurity plays a critical role ensuring confidentiality of 
e-solutions, safety, and integrity. Robust mechanisms of authentication are used to authorize the individual to use and access eservices. Such security protocols are essential while using e-services. We at Berexia provide best cybersecurity infrastructure making sure that privileged information stays intact, and all operational transactions remain secure.

Big Data

What is big data and what role does it play for E-services? An answer to the question that will help us to understand the role of big data in E-services. Big data refers to the huge amount of structured and unstructured information that is extracted from different sources. Using big data allows organizations to analyze user behavior patterns that they use to navigate through e-services and understand the features users use the most. Such analysis helps them to predict user trends or alter it. Big data also reveals the areas where organizations need to improve their services and be more customer inclusive and provide better e-services. We use big data for various reasons both assisting organizations to improve their operational performance, identify the gaps, provide them with insights, reveals the areas of most engaging services for users etc.

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Software Solutions

Software solutions are programs, applications run on computer or mobile devices that consist of lines of code that tell hardware how to perform specific tasks. Software solutions include Enterprise software like ERP or CRM systems, utility software, applications etc. The value of Software solutions of E-services is huge. Software solutions enable content creation, online payment solution such as payment gateway, CRM that helps organizations to manage customer relations better, online surveys,  etc. We at Berexia, have different software solutions for different organizations. Our business model enables us to both, architecture, design and produce tailor made software solution for individual customer and use the strategic partner solutions for non-tailored needs.

Hardware solutions

Hardware solutions play an important role in providing adequate infrastructure and equipment for e-services. Such infrastructure is paramount for high performance, data storage, network connection, data security, reliable operational system, and business scalability. We at Berexia have strong team of hardware architects able to design and
produce hardware solutions such as powerful servers and processors that deliver seamless user experience.

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