Travel & Transportation

Transportation sector is an industry sector in the economy that deals with the movement of people and products. Travel and tourism industry refers to all the aspects of service industry that cater to tourist. Therefore, this heightened industry is quite big and important. The industry plays an important role in connecting people and businesses globally, enabling trade, economic growth and tourism. The use of technology in travel & transportation industry drives innovation, enhances user experience, optimizes business processes and creates more security and safety within operations.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing process of integrating technologies into business processes that enable organizations to function faster, more efficient, with more data protection and security and allow them to scale up the business. Digital transformation does not happen overnight, it is a process that requires the right strategy and technical infrastructure to be integrated into organizational operations. Digital transformation is an essential part of innovation and shaping up the customer experience. Many travel agencies and travel industry in overall require assistance in VR and AR technologies, online booking and reservations, digital payment solutions and data analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences. We assist with the whole process from A to Z. We facilitate digital transformation process s to improve customer journey experience and enhance the overall business operations.

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Robotization /Automation

Process automation offers several significant values both to travel and transportation industries. It enhances efficiency and sustainability across various modes of transportation and travel. It improves customers experience and overall operational performance of organization. Daily routine can be quite mundane and repetitive. Robotization/automation allows faster check-in and boarding at airports for instance.

It provides enhanced security enabling such features as facial recognition and biometric authentication. Easier booking and payment solutions are another feature of automation for travel industry for instance. Fleet management and real-time tracking would be another added value but for transportation industry. To sum up, we use different features of robotization/automation services for our clients depending on the specific need, but undoubtedly there is a huge value in automating business processes.

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IoT based solutions

Iot solutions are transforming the transportation/travel industry by enabling the connectivity and data exchange between all sorts of devices. Such actions lead to enhanced operational performance and efficiency as well as improved customer experience. There are many ways to use Iot solutions within travel industry, for instance, luggage tracking, allowing us to track and receive real-time information about the luggage and thus avoid the risk of losing it. Another example would be Smart airports providing automated check-ins, security process and real-time flight information update. We use Iot solutions for travel/transportation sector for various reasons and aim to improve the overall organizational efficiency and simplify the process and provide more safety for any digital transaction.

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Software Solutions

Software solutions are programs, applications run on computer or mobile devices that consist of lines of code that tell hardware how to perform specific tasks. Software solutions include Enterprise software like ERP or CRM systems, utility software, applications etc. The value of Software solutions for Travel/Transportation industry is huge. Software solutions enable fleet management, online payment solution such as payment gateway, CRM that helps organizations to manage customer relations better, online surveys etc. We at Berexia, have different software solutions for different organizations. Our business model enables us to both, architecture, design and produce tailor made software solution for individual customer and use the strategic partner solutions for non-tailored needs.

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