Our Expertise

Berexia’s technical strength lies in system architecture, design and the production of software solutions tailored to customer’s needs. Berexia is one of the pioneers of DeepKube, deep learning techniques and algorithmic strategies. Our key focus falls on:

Our key focus falls on :

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When change is inevitable it is essential to adopt to it. At Berexia we strive to constantly innovate and be up to date with ever growing technological advancements. Our team of experts is highly skilled in design and creation of robots, and we work closely with our partners to meet the needs of our clients. …

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Artificial Intelligence

While many debate today about benefits and risks of AI, we, at Berexia believe in moderation. We use deep learning techniques to create smart solutions that serve for better cause of humanity and our clients. Smart Cities Berexia reduced electricity costs by 30%, reduced the carbon footprint by more than 40%, predicted maintenance and tracked…

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Big Data

In the world surrounded by constant flow of information, rapid changes, trial and errors, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting is essential. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second there is new information, information that can alter the sequence of reality. Any project big or small requires knowledge and specific information that we at…

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What is metaverse – frequently asked question in the recent days. Public’s curiosity and concern with virtual world and virtual communication is understandable and while many try to assess the ethical implications of it and regulatory considerations, we at Berexia merely try to use all the benefits of what current technology can offer us for…

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Digital solutions

Digital solutions encompass technological tools, platform and strategies that facilitate the improvement of certain processes, address technological challenges and improve the overall user experience. Such digital solution tools are mobile applications, web applications, e-commerce platforms, CRM/ERP systems, Iot and blockchain solutions and many more. Our aim with digital solutions is to constantly innovate and be…

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Cloud services

Considering how much information we process and need to store; cloud services are one of the key services that we provide. Together with our partner companies we aim to satisfy the needs and tailor cloud solutions based on the need, whether it is private or government cloud or enterprise solutions. Government Cloud (Confidential) We have…

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