Cloud services

Considering how much information we process and need to store; cloud services are one of the key services that we provide. Together with our partner companies we aim to satisfy the needs and tailor cloud solutions based on the need, whether it is private or government cloud or enterprise solutions.

Government Cloud


We have submitted a project which covered the spectrum of cloud related services for one of the government entities, which needed private cloud and enterprise cloud solutions. We have tailored the solutions specifically for this country and kept all the right and access to the data specifically within this country and without third party
access to it.

Cloud Services-berexia
Transitioning to cloud-berexia
berexia-Transitioning to cloud

Transitioning to cloud

Berexia collaborated with a major luxury international corporate to orchestrate a smooth transition from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based architecture. This success enhanced the scalability, agility, and overall performance while ensuring minimal disruption to operations. After this transition the company has evaluated to a 1.5M€ saving a year in infrastructure cost as well as an increased recovery capability.