What is metaverse – frequently asked question in the recent days. Public’s curiosity and concern with virtual world and virtual communication is understandable and while many try to assess the ethical implications of it and regulatory considerations, we at Berexia merely try to use all the benefits of what current technology can offer us for the benefit of the changing world. We have created Metaverse experience to visually enhance the experience for our partner’s users and simplify some of the process of the archaic world.

Metaverse for UN

Mandated by the UN, we designed and shaped their visionary initiative and desire to revolutionize its sector with the inauguration of the very first Association-Centric Metaverse. We managed to build this immersive virtual realm transforming for each their experience embarking on a captivating journey of discovery, unraveling novel dimensions of the organization’s impact thanks to our revised standards in our utilization of the main software. This huge success generated 35% more customer for UNITAR than last year on their training program.

Metaverse for UN-berexia