Transforming Sustainability Challenges into Opportunities



Our ESG Platform is an innovative response to key ESG challenges, providing a comprehensive suite of modules designed to streamline ESG data management, facilitate informed decision-making, and empower businesses to navigate the complexities of the sustainable landscape.

EnvoEdge is an all-in-one ESG platform that serves as a transformative tool for organizations seeking to integrate sustainability seamlessly into their operations offering various modules under a microservice architecture:

  • Streamlining Data Management Module leveraging on shelves connectors to major system or ability to develop custom connectors for specific systems and dynamic configurable questionnaires to collect any type of data
  • Configurable ESG Metrics offering fully customized logics and representation of defined metrics
  • AI Analysis and target setting with predictive models
  • AI based Reporting builder offering the ability to design your reporting template and have an AI generative based model generating the report for you