Energy sector is perhaps the slowest compared to other industries to undergo digitization process. Partially the reason why could be due to the complexity of current infrastructure and high cost in putting new energy systems. However, with growing demand for electricity and request to reduce greenhouse emissions, the industry is pushed to find alternative ways to become more efficient and productive. Using technology and machine learning solutions can cut significant cost for energy sector by enabling predictive maintenance and optimization of energy consumption. Therefore, improving efficiency and overall operations.

Digital Transformation

One of the challenging areas in energy sector is intermittent as there is dependency of solar and wind generation on weather conditions. Digital transformation enables the creation of smart grids. Those grids use real-time, smart communication technologies to wire electricity supply and demand more efficiently and reduce power losses. Thanks to digital solutions, energy companies can monitor energy consumption in real-time. Smart meters, sensors and IoT devices provide with data that can help to eliminate inefficiencies and identify the opportunities for growth.

Digital Transformation-energy-berexia
Digital Transformation-energy
energyDigital Transformation-energy-berexia

Robotization /Automation

Automation is transforming the energy sector by improving the efficiency, providing safety and sustainability. Its improving customer experience and overall operational performance. Daily routine can be quite mundane and repetitive. Robotization/automation allows energy facilities to scale operations more easily. It enables innovation by offering testing and deployment of new technologies in controlled environment. We use different features of robotization/automation services for our clients depending on the specific need, but undoubtedly there is a huge value in automating business processes. When we apply robotization/automations solutions, we make sure that the integration with existing systems goes smooth and the objectives of automation and processes get aligned 

Big Data & Analytics

Energy sector generates huge amount of data. Through data analytics organizations can analyze user behavior and gain valuable insights to understand energy usage patterns and market trends. Big data also reveals the areas where organizations need to improve their services and be more customer inclusive and provide better e-services. We use big data for various reasons both assisting organizations to improve their operational performance, identify the gaps, provide them with insights, reveals the areas of most engaging services for users etc.

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energy-berexia-Big Data & Analytics
IoT solutions-berexia-energy
energy-berexia-IoT solutions
berexia-energy-IoT solutions

IoT solutions

By leveraging advanced technologies, IoT, AI, Bid Data energy companies can optimize operations and reduce costs and create more sustainable energy environment. Thanks to IoT solutions, we can monitor remotely and use predictive maintenance, which provides real-time information on health and performance of certain energy equipments. IoT enables Energy consumption monitoring and optimization of energy storage. We can receive real-time data analytics that we use for decision making and continuous optimization of processes.


Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of current time. It prevents data breaches and identity theft and other types of cybercrime. Energy sector is not an exception. It is critical to have in place strong cybersecurity measures to protect data, infrastructure, prevent operational disruption, mitigate financial losses, to secure smart grid, technological innovation and many more. We at Berexia, make sure our cybersecurity solutions are properly integrated and provide robust safety for all the infrastructure and data.