Insurance is a growing industry with a huge potential. While the essence of Insurance is to provide financial protection against various types of risks, insurance companies itself needs to be protected from cyber-attacks and need to use innovative digital solutions like CRM and data mining. We help those companies in transforming their processes into more rapid and digital space, providing automation and secure data storage.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation for Insurance industry can be greatly beneficial as it speeds up the operational processes, improves customer experience and enhances the overall operational efficiency. Today many insurance companies need the right contemporary operational systems to run the business, mine the data and store it. We assist with fraud detection, regulatory compliance, telematics and Iot solutions and data security and protection.

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Move to Cloud

As the operational performance gets improved with digital transformation and data volume increases, it is essential to provide insurance companies with Cloud infrastructure. There are many benefits of cloud services including secure storage of data and convenient remote working for employees, improved data analytics and operational agility. We provide with tailored cloud solutions based on the needs of each customer.

E-commerce solutions

While working with customers, insurance companies can greatly enhance the customer experience by applying various e-commerce solutions, such as: customer self-service portals and online purchase platforms. There are multiple e-commerce solutions available today, especially with growing popularity of online shopping. We help with payment gateways, digital identity verification, mobile app development and digital documents management.

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Data Science &
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Data Mining Solutions

Data Science &
Data Mining Solutions

Data mining solutions allow insurance companies to accurately assess premium rates,policymakers’ risks and analyze many other insights, as well as prevent fraud, optimize price, create predictive modeling, and conduct customer satisfactions analysis. To implement data mining solutions, insurance companies need sophisticated and efficient data infrastructure together with skilled employees and well-defined strategy and experience to accurately analyze the collected data. We help insurance companies with all aspects of data mining process and data analysis. Our data mining solutions are specifically designed and tailored for each client.

ERP/CRM Solutions

Today it is almost unimaginable for any successful mid to large enterprise to function without ERP/CRM solutions. CRM can be used for different reasons by many companies, including but not limited to enhanced customer engagement and service, sales lead management, agent/broker management, effective marketing campaigns,analytics, and insights. Our ERP/CRM solutions aim at automating several routine processes, fostering collaboration within teams, increasing customer retention rates, and scaling up the business.

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Robotization / Automation

We all know that as humans we make some errors from time to time and routine work becomes mundane. Our creative thinking can be applied for more useful and creative work at which automation/robotization can help significantly by eliminating the routine work. In overall automation/robotization increase the operational efficiency of the company, enhances customer service, improves document management and regulatory compliance. When we apply robotization/automations solutions, we make sure that the integration with existing systems goes smooth and the objectives of automation and processes get aligned.