Innovation Unleashed: Berexia’s Impactful Hackathon in Tunisia


Berexia recently organized a significant hackathon in Tunisia, convening a diverse group of participants to tackle real-world challenges. The event served as a platform to showcase inventive solutions spanning sustainability, digital transformation, and community impact. Participants, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and AI, engaged in collaborative efforts, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and mentorship.

The hackathon transcended the ideation phase, yielding tangible prototypes that underscored the practical application of ideas. Beyond the innovative outcomes, the event provided invaluable networking opportunities, skill enhancement, and a testament to Berexia’s commitment to fostering collaboration within the tech community. The hackathon’s success echoes Berexia’s dedication to not only harnessing the power of technology but also cultivating an environment where learning and creativity thrive.