Public Sector

As the world transitions to a more digital economy, it is no surprise that governments try to be forefront of the change and have the most up to date technology. Public sector is a huge sector and requires enhanced data security and protection measures.

Cybersecurity Advisory

Cybersecurity is essential for public sector due to the amount of sensitive information wether its government secrets, police records, ministry gathered files etc. They often become the targets of cybercriminals. Therefore, implementing cybersecurity solutions is essential for public sector.We at Berexia together with our strategic partners provide best cybersecurity infrastructure for government entities and any other public institutions.

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Blockchain technology is used today to create more transparency and accountability in the government operations, thus reducing the risk of corruption or fraud. Blockchain technology not only enables secure decentralized transactions but also makes it possible via certain tools like smart contracts to self-execute contracts with predefined rules and store this data perpetually. We work with publics sector and use blockchain technology to prevent fraud, establish cross-border payments, enhance trade finance, utilize smart contracts, tokenize assets, enable digital identity and tackle many other aspects.

Cloud Services​

Most of the governments around the world use government cloud, where information is securely stored within their territory and accessed only by them. To achieve such level, the governments must have proper infrastructure, technology, and know-how.

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We at Berexia, provide not only sole discretion but access to different cloud options and able to build data centers and appropriate infrastructure tailored to any specific government institution. Any public sector institution requires cloud services and such concerns as data protection and security usually most hindering one. Therefore, our approach is truly tailored to each scenario.

ERP/CRM Solutions

Both Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are designed to improve business operations, in case of Public Sector, it would be to improve citizen services and enhance the overall communication. ERP in specific enables faster data sharing and enhanced communication within departments.

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The tools incorporated within system allow proper budgeting solutions, financial reporting, management, and compliance. CRM on the other hand provides with 360 degrees look at the citizen’s needs, wants and complaints and allows proper feedback management. Both systems aim to improve the overall performance of the government institution. Our ERP/CRM solutions aim at automating routine processes, fostering collaboration within teams, improving citizen services, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Robotization /Automation

We all know that as humans we make some errors from time to time and routine work becomes mundane. Our creative thinking can be applied for more useful and creative work at which automation/robotization can help significantly by eliminating the routine work. In overall automation/robotization increase the operational efficiency of the company, enhances customer service, improves document management and regulatory compliance. When we apply robotization/automations solutions, we make sure that the integration with existing systems goes smooth and the objectives of automation and processes get

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